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           H A W K   A L F R E D S O N  


  Hawk Alfredson (born Nils Håkan Anders Alfredsson on September 24, 1960) is an international artist known for symbolic, surrealistic oil paintings with a Northern European quality in tone and method. Alfredson's paintings do not fall into a single category but instead cross over and combine Surrealism and Magic Realism as well as Symbolist and Fantastic art ; a strong emphasis on classical painting technique is a major feature of the artist's work. Alfredson is a "Pansurrealist" according to Terrance Lindall in his essay What's New in the Surreal World?

5.0 out of 5 stars Views of a Mystical World

Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2014

Verified Purchase

Hawk Alfredson’s artworks in _Players of Strange, Meaningless Games_ reflect the international return to painting that embraces figuration, emotion, symbolism, and narrative; a few images depict a subtle violence that borders on transgressive art.

Alfredson’s paintings are characterized by traditional techniques and an unmistakable Northern-European palette. However, the artist obviously embraces the notion of "artistic pluralism" (the acceptance of a variety of artistic intentions and styles) that gives his artwork a truly global ambiance: images vary from exquisite figurative pieces to intricate non-representational compositions.

Stylistically, the artworks are difficult to categorize, ranging from Neo-Expressionism to a late form of Neo Surrealism. Throughout, the artist gives his imagination free rein -- delving into the subconscious to conjure up new worlds.

The detailed artworks of Hawk Alfredson utilize many traditional techniques and motifs but always in imaginative and unexpected ways. This approach, combined with great technical precision, has led to a series of exceptional artworks; it is no surprise to see that Art & Antiques Magazine (in 2006) proclaimed Alfredson as “one of the most collectible of the European Contemporary Surrealists of the new century.”



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